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Research on Music and Language

2 Part Series

Our audience of children and families is precious to us, so it’s really important for Sing to Say to adhere to best practices when researching and testing our app.

Prior to designing the prototype, we conducted a year of research on the effects of music on learning language for children. We wondered how effective would it be to support learning language with songs and animation.

Our research showed that music and language are acquired in different parts of the brain. Sing to Say uses music to bridge to the language centers of the brain.

Children are motivated by fun

……..and fun is a huge motivator for learning. There’s no learning without joy! We discovered that a lot of learning happens in that moment of fun. There is an increase in serotonin and it’s in that moment of joy when learning is solidified.

Sing to Say is for early communicators from non-verbal to those with more advanced language skills. Often these are young children, but Sing to Say is designed for those who need it.

Examples of Sing to Say on the iPad

Our research design was approved by the Community Research Ethics Office in Waterloo to ensure their research methodologies were fair and transparent.

We then produced a prototype and conducted formative research – including focus groups with children, parents, and educators at the Toronto District School Board.

We wanted to ensure that Sing to Say provided 

    • An effective way of learning 
    • Ease of use 
    • An intuitive experience
    • Enjoyment for children

maxresdefault 4-Singtosay.com

The result was the current iteration of the app. We have a comprehensive library of keywords and songs. A short animation demonstrates each keyword with a song and  and easy-to-comprehend lyrics.  

Stay tuned fora second instalment in this series! We will further explore how music can be leveraged to help children learn language and improve their ability to communicate.

For more details about our research, please visit our FAQ or write to support@singtosay.com
You can also try it out for free with a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL

Thank you!

Neil Smolar, Co-founder and producer

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