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Prior to designing the application, the Sing to Say team conducted a year of research on the effects of music in learning language for children with language delays and challenges with literacy. 

Partnerships for RESEARCH

Sing to Say was originally developed for children ranging from non-verbal to those with more advanced language skills. Sing to Say is designed for those who need it. Research shows that music and language are acquired in different parts of the brain. Sing to Say uses music to bridge to the language centers.


We're proud of our ongoing partnership with the Berklee College of Music


Cornerstone PARTNER

We collaborate with the Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs on the use of music as a vehicle for teaching language to children with special needs.

The research team includes leadership from the Berklee Institute as well as a Ph.D specialist in Speech and Hearing Bioscience from Harvard University and a music educator specializing in education for students with language delays.