When is it Research? Part 2

Research on Music and Language

Part 2

What we mean by Music

We mean that music and love are synonymous. We mean rhythm and melody are a gateway to openness, well-being and learning. We mean that music carries emotional messages that enhances experience.

I am a film composer and music performer. I studied and taught at the Berklee College of Music. Berklee is a partner in the development of the Sing to Say application.  The research team from Berklee includes a Ph.D. specialist in Speech and Hearing Bioscience from Harvard University and a special need music educator from the Boston Conservatory.


More than music therapy, we teach Language

It is well known that music therapy can induce happiness, reduce anxiety and increase communication with peers.  But Sing to Say teaches directly what words mean. We created short songs around every word with lyrics that describe that word. That’s never been done before. There’s a song for every key word on the app.

There are thousands of words in our vocabulary, so there will eventually be thousands of songs.

stacie team-Singtosay.com

The lyrics were crafted by Stacie Carroll, the co-creator of Sing to Say. Stacie is a gifted special needs teacher who won the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence and the Teacher of the Year Award from the Council for Exceptional Children.

                                                                            school icon v01-Singtosay.com

Finding right Instruments and the right Styles!

We learned that drums were the most popular, followed by piano and guitar. After that came bass and kids also loved the violin.

band 3-Singtosay.com

Featured on the Nat Geo Kids website, kids loved the Minimops. The Minimops form a tiny musical band that’s all about discovering the joy of music, expressing themselves and exploring the world around them.

Children love to sing and be sung to!

Our studio singers are great performers and were specially chosen for their ability in singing to children! Tina the Minimop is super confident. She brings great energy to everything she does and her friends just love being around her

Mary-Lou G                                 Mary-Lou B

MARY LOUS-Singtosay.comtina-Singtosay.com

Music and language are acquired in different parts of the brain. Sing to Say uses music to bridge to the language centers. Music is the teacher.


“Everyone at Sing to Say is incredibly proud of the app we’ve created.” – Neil Smolar co-creator and Executive Producer


Testimonial from Charlie, a grandparent:
“It’s really remarkable the app with the music …..it completely embodies moving to the music, it taps into complicated pathways in his body. I know he’s physically engaged…. I can see it! I knew we were onto something and really, I wanted something that might help my grandson find his voice.”

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