5 DIY Sensory Bins for Children with Autism

There’s nothing quite like sensory play for kids with autism. Some kids prefer rice or sand, while others like water play. Here, we’ve given you several ideas for sensory bins you can create at home!

What you’ll need for each of the bins:

A shallow, wide plastic bin
Tools for pouring (watering can, measuring cups, plastic shovel, pail)
Fun toys to hide

Wonderful Water – Fill your container with warm water and, if your child would enjoy them, bubbles!

Super Sand – You can either use sandbox sand or Kinetic sand for this sensory bin. Either way, this one is best to do outside (to minimize the mess).

Fluffy Fun – Whether you use cotton balls or pompoms, this sensory bin will be full of soft, fabulous fluffiness!

Rice or Pasta – You can choose whether to colour your rice or pasta, or just leave it plain. This sensory bin is a lot of fun for kids who enjoy texture.

Play dough – Make a giant batch of homemade play dough and put play dough balls in the bin. Add cookie cutters, small rolling pins and google eyes for lots of creative fun!

You can always make sensory bins fun by creating themes (think: special days or seasons), or really customizing them to your child’s interests. No  matter what, it’s best if you join in on the fun and play right along with them!

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