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Learning language with music and animation

Our goal is to provide a path for early learners to learn words through music

Sing to Say offers 4 unique features

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We pair words with music and animation

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We test for understanding and retention

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Children create songs using the words they've learned

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Provides feedback on a child’s progress


Monthly Subscription

Introductory 7 Day Free Trial

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Hundreds of songs and lyrics
with new ones added monthly

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“Red or green they make a crunch –APPLE”


“Sneakers, runners, slippers – SHOES!

0221 home


I live here with my family, my room, my things, my home HOME!

0034 play


Cars or dolls, let’s PLAY

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A person I like, we have fun together, FRIEND

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“Swings or slides- PARK”

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Each day I go to play and learn- SCHOOL!

0025 sick v011


When my body feels no good, I'm SICK



Something special to give someone-GIFT

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Special activities for parents and kids

In the My Songs module, children can create songs from the words they’ve learned. Rehearse, repeat and master!

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Music makes learning
words fun!
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Sing to Say uses music to make words come alive!


We use animation to enhance engagement

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Designed by experts for children with autism and speech and language delays.

Track Your Child's Progress

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The TRACK IT module provides feedback.

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The TRACK IT module provides feedback.

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A Learning Platform Parents Trust

Designed with speech language pathologists, Sing to Say boosts your child’s communication skills through music and engaging learning activities.

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